All About Permanent Jewelry Worn These Days

June 30, 2024

Tired of the clasp making you lose your precious bracelets everywhere? Well, it is time to embrace permanent jewelry. It has become a style statement and a commitment that goes beyond just aesthetics. Let’s take a look at what exactly “permanent” means, how it works, and whether it is the perfect fit for you.

What Does It Mean To Have a “Permanent Jewelry”

It is a type of piece that is meant to be a permanent part of your daily wear routine. Unlike traditional jewelry that is taken out and then worn again later and has a clasp for fastening, permanent jewelry is welded together. This creates a durable bond that does not need to be taken out. This type of jewelry often commemorates special occasions, relationships, or milestones. Moreover, donning it usually has a symbolic reason and reflects on a person’s persona.

Advantages of Getting Permanent Jewelry

Here are some compelling reasons to get it done:

  • Matter of Convenience
    Well, if you like to accessorize properly every day and want to get rid of the hassle of wearing jewelry daily, permanent jewelry is your answer. Once it is on, it stays on for long! Using permanent jewelry does not require you removing them each night. This also means that there are fewer chances of fumbling with clasps every morning to put it back on.
  • It is Sentimental and Symbolic
    Another benefit of going for it is the symbolism. Getting permanent jewelry like a bracelet from a friend or family member is a way to show that they are linked. It is a fairly common trend among friends when they are parting away.
  • Quick and Easy Process
    Getting it is quite easy as well. The process starts with selecting your bracelet or any other piece of your choice in preferred metal. In case of any confusion, you can ask our experts to help you determine the length and fit.
  • Limitless Styling Game
    The field is quite vast when it comes to playing with permanent jewelry. Start with a single bracelet and then stack to create a unique look that suits your vibe. Mix and match styles since there is no wrong way, only your way.

How to Get Permanent Jewelry

  1. You can come for an in-person appointment to discuss the jewelry. This ensures that anything you choose is tailored to your specific needs and requirements.
  2. Once you have decided on what to get, it is time for the welding process. It involves heating the metal to join the end pieces together. It is generally a quick and painless procedure. Although you might feel a slight warmth or tingling sensation but that goes away within mere seconds.
  3. While the main purpose of permanent jewelry is to be long-lasting, it is removable when needed.
  4. Another advantage of permanent jewelry is the minimal maintenance requirement. Since there is no need to take it off, the piece is designed to withstand daily wear and tear. However, one should avoid exposing the jewelry to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures.
  5. Usually, permanent jewelry is made to be compatible with most activities, including showering, working out, etc.

Closing Note

It is time to throw away your rusty old items and take hold of a unique and meaningful way to accessorize on a daily basis. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact experts from Reserve Salon and Spa. We can get you the jewelry piece of your dreams. Call us to learn more about ways we can help you. Get in touch with our magicians at



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