Are Curtain Bangs With Layers A Good Option For Round Face?

March 30, 2024

Have you ever considered giving your round face cute curtain bangs with layers? People with this face cut are very curious about whether this trend will flatter the features or not. Well, good news, curtain bangs are definitely a go for those round faces just like yours!

How Do Curtain Bangs and Round Faces Go Together?

Truth be told, bangs are literally the best, as they work on almost everyone’s face. Bangs have multiple benefits for round-face individuals, from framing to the lengthening effect.

  1. Face Framing
    Bangs frame the face by grabbing attention towards the eyes and cheekbones, which is good for round faces.
  2. Lengthening Effect
    One of the issues with a round face is that it looks chubby. Bangs can visually elongate it, making the face appear slimmer and more oval-shaped.
  3. Softening Features
    Bangs soften the angles, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to the hairstyle.
  4. Versatility
    Different styles of bangs, such as curtain, side-swept, and wispy bangs, help create a customized look that enhances the aesthetics of your features and face shape.
  5. Reshaping
    A well-cut fringe can reshape a round face by adding depth and definition where needed for a more flattering appearance.

Types of Bangs Suitable For Round Faces

These types of bangs can help round faces look better, giving a more defined look.

  1. Curtain Bangs
    Curtain bangs are best for round faces because they can be easily cut at the right length to give the illusion of sharper cheekbones. When correctly styled, these bangs add volume, lengthen the face, and create a chic look by trimming the face for a defined structure.
    They work really well on thick and wavy hair when blow-dried away from the face. As far as straight hair is concerned, curtain bangs cut around the cheekbone can elongate the round face. The fringe, cut to the nose bridge, curving into the cheekbones, is another classic option for enhancing cheekbones effectively.
  2. Side-Swept Bangs
    Side-swept bangs work tremendously well for long hair. These angled bangs create the aesthetic appearance of a longer face by drawing attention diagonally across the forehead. This type of bangs are versatile and can be styled in multiple ways complementing round faces. They help soften the angles of a round face, for a stylish look.
  3. Wispy Bangs
    If you are looking for an option that works well on straight and curly hair, wispy bangs are your answer. Make sure to pay attention to detail and ensure that the textures blend well together, keeping curls loose at the top and more spiraled towards the ends.
    Wispy bangs are light and airy and add a soft and feminine look to the hairstyle. They can be styled to match the sweet girl next door look, especially when paired with natural makeup.

Closing Note

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