Best Method for Fat Removal – CoolSculpting vs. HD Body Sculpting

July 15, 2023

If you are new to the world of aesthetics, you will find CoolSculpting often resonating there. This technique is doing rounds, from billboards and commercials to internet ads. But is this the only fat removal therapy available? No. There are other alternatives present; one such example is HD body sculpting. Let’s discuss the differences between these two in detail.

CoolSculpting vs. HD Body Sculpting

Here are detailed breakdown of these two methods.

1. Understanding the Procedures

CoolSculpting: This technique uses special tools to freeze and eliminate fat cells present in small areas. Once these fat cells are frozen, they are later metabolized and naturally pushed out by the body.

HD Body Sculpting: HD Body Sculpting involves injecting a solution containing a lidocaine mixture through small incisions. This solution separates fat cells from the fascia’s wall, which are vacuumed and permanently removed.

2. Level of Invasiveness

CoolSculpting: CoolSculpting is non-invasive since it does not involve any cuts (incisions) or skin puncturing. However, the freezing process affects the surrounding skin, requiring healing time.

– HD Body Sculpting: This technique is minimally invasive. This means small incisions in specific areas are made to access and remove fat cells. During the process, this step results in minimal bleeding and less trauma to the body compared to traditional liposuction.

3. Treatment Time and Healing

CoolSculpting: The entire course of treatment may take more than one sitting, targeting specific areas one at a time. Usually, patients can resume their regular activities on the same day.

– HD Body Sculpting: Typically, there is no need for multiple visits. The patients can also return to work within 24-48 hours.

4. Results

– CoolSculpting: You will begin to notice changes in maybe about 2 months, with maximum results appearing within 4-6 six months.

– HD Body Sculpting: The good news is that patients may start experiencing an immediate loss of 2-5 inches right after the procedure, and the full sculpting results usually show up after approximately 30 days.

5. Permanence

– CoolSculpting: This technique does not promise permanent fat removal from the body as it is not easy to determine if the body has completely eliminated the frozen fat cells.

– HD Body Sculpting: Patients witness the fat being removed during the procedure, and once the fat cells are vacuumed out, they are permanently gone for good.

6. Pricing

– CoolSculpting: Since this technique requires multiple treatments, it quickly adds up in terms of cost.

– HD Body Sculpting: The procedure takes a tailored and individualized approach, with trained professionals targeting specific areas. With only one sitting needed, you know the downtime as well as the amount that would be going out of your pocket. Additionally, clients can physically see and measure the fat being removed during the procedure.

Closing Note

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