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Are Curtain Bangs With Layers A Good Option For Round Face?

Mar 30, 2024157 Views

Have you ever considered giving your round face cute curtain bangs with layers? People with this face cut are very curious about whether this trend will flatter the features or not. Well, good news, curtain bangs are definitely a go for those round faces just like yours! How Do Curtain Bangs and Round Faces Go […]

How Long Does A Session Of Brazilian Wax Last?

Mar 15, 2024258 Views

We are glad you have decided to give Brazilian wax a go. Your first session will remove the majority of hair that is grown above your skin to give you that soft, baby-like finish. Wondering how long would a session of Brazilian wax last? This blog has your answer. Timeline of Brazilian Wax A Brazilian […]

What’s The Difference Between Balayage And Highlights?

Feb 29, 2024485 Views

It’s 2024, and people are all in to change how they look that makes them feel more confident and in their zone. We understand that going for full makeovers might not be what you aim for as a first-timer. Therefore, we present two options to you: balayage and highlights! Both techniques hold immense popularity and […]

The Right Option Between Electrolysis Vs. Laser Hair Removal

Feb 15, 2024392 Views

When we talk about getting rid of unwanted hair, two treatments take the spotlight- laser hair removal and electrolysis. Both act by diminishing hair follicles under the skin’s surface. Although these treatments are extremely similar and aim to produce the same results, the methods they use are different, along with their costs. So, let’s compare […]

Lipedema Vs. Cellulite – Are They Different?

Jan 30, 2024734 Views

Your skin is more than just a superficial layer meant to protect the parts within; it is the largest organ and holds much more importance. Just like any other, there are medical conditions that can affect the skin and deviate its appearance. Two of the most common conditions seen among masses are lipedema and cellulite. […]

9 Benefits Of Hydrafacial – Explained

Jan 15, 2024517 Views

There is an uproar about the benefits of hydrafacials on the skin, and this treatment is gaining immense popularity, and rightly so! This facial is not only super relaxing but also incredibly hydrating for your skin, giving you an even-toned and glowy face. Intrigued to learn more regarding what it is and benefits? What Actually […]

Are 6 Laser Sessions Enough For Body Hair Removal?

Dec 30, 20231358 Views

Nothing is better than showing off your supple, silky skin outdoors in spring and summer all the while feeling the warmth of sunlight. But if you are living with unwanted hair, the experience may not be as merry. If you are done with the nuances of waxing or shaving, give laser hair removal a go! […]

Waxing Vs. Shaving | The Secret to Smooth Skin

Dec 15, 20231823 Views

When we talk about grooming, there is no right or wrong way to go about it, and the method is a personal choice. Everyone wants the same end result, and that is a healthy, silky, and smooth skin. The 2 most popular methods in this regard are waxing and shaving, but is one method better […]

Balancing Microneedling Frequency

Nov 30, 20231886 Views

Are you in search of ways to transform your skin? Look no further! Your dream of a glowing, scar-free face can now be a reality with the help of microneedling process! You must have read about it, but with so much information online, how can you be sure about the frequency? How often should you […]

Keratin Treatment – Does It Work For Curly Hair?

Nov 15, 20231452 Views

Curly locks look and feel fabulous when taken care of. But sometimes, they are a bit of a handful due to frizz and tangles. We have always lauded keratin treatment for its results on straight or wavy hair, but what about those bouncy curls? What effect does keratin treatment have on curly hair? Well, the […]



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