Revitalize Your Hair with

Keratin Treatment in Tomball & Cypress, TX

Has the blazing hot heat of Texas taken its effect on your hair? We are here with our keratin treatment in Tomball and Cypress to tame the frizzy mess. One session with us, and your smooth tresses will be turning heads wherever you go. Start your day as Mia Thermopolis and transform into the princess of Genovia before the night strikes!

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    Keratin Treatment

    It’s Time To “Tame” Those Tresses With Keratin Magic

    When heat damage and dirt start splitting your hair, a keratin treatment can straighten it out with promising results. Dry, frizzy, and unmanageable strands are a cry for help — the stress is too much for your hair, and it needs keratin treatment to unleash the ‘mane’ attraction. So, if your hair is exhibiting the following, visit us for keratin treatment in Tomball and Cypress, TX, today:

    • No matter what you do, flat ironing shows no results.
    • You dyed or bleached your hair recently.
    • Your hair has prominent split ends, even when you put it up.
    • Dryness is a constant companion.
    • Time in humidity and heat, even if a few minutes, brings out the worst frizz.

    Many people blame genetics for frizzy and dry hair. They reminisce about the good old hair days, thinking they cannot relive that time— but, sometimes, all your hair needs a little keratin session to get in touch with its roots. 

    Questions About Keratin Treatment?

    Why Our Keratin Treatment in Tomball & Cypress ‘Strand’ Out

    Our belief is with a great hairdo, you can smooth sail at whatever life throws at you! Even if you are having a bad day, at least you can cross a ‘bad hair day’ off of your list — that is exactly what we aim to accomplish at Reserve Salon and Spa. When your hair is on fleek, you will always feel at peak. Once you trust us with your hair, you can expect to be spellbound. Caution! Be prepared to stride out of our salon as you have just walked out of a hair advertisement.

    We combine magic, dedication, and a little bit of our secret mix to bring your vision to life. And if you are doubtful, our hairdressers can help you find your style! That’s not all; we also offer:

    • Affordable prices
    • Friendly Atmosphere
    • Comfort
    • Smooth procedures
    • Astonishing results
    • Care and Guidance

    Raving Reviews from Our Beauty Lovers

    Get Ready to Unlock the Inner Diva with a Fabulous Keratin Treatment

    Whether this is your first time going for a keratin treatment or the hundredth, no one does it better than Reserve Salon and Spa. Are you looking for a healthy and straight hairstyle? Keratin treatment in Tomball and Cypress, TX, might be what you need. So, why the wait? Give us a ring to schedule an appointment!

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