Lash Extension Aftercare Regime – The Key To Lustrous Eyelashes

October 30, 2023

Loving your new look with eyelash extensions? So are we! But every good thing comes with a price, and the cost here is merely adhering to a proper aftercare regime so that your lash extensions remain healthy, fluffy, and oh-so-good-looking! Let’s walk you through some essential steps to maintaining them so that you can protect your investment.

Eyelash Aftercare Regime

Here’s how you can maintain your gorgeous eyelashes for long:

Step 1: Prepping for Perfection

The base of any aftercare routine is proper preparation. Every night, you must make sure to remove your makeup thoroughly with an oil- and alcohol-free toner, which not only cleans your face but also moisturizes your skin. All you need is half a pump on wipes and then gently swipe along the top and bottom lid lines, reaching out to the brows.

Step 2: Daily Lash Cleansing

You must not forget to give them a thorough wash every day. You can take a foaming cleanser and apply either one or two pumps to the back of your hand. Then, with your eyes closed, use a specified eyelash cleansing brush to gently sweep away the cleanser running along your lash line, from the base to the tips, for about a minute. After that, rinse the eye area with the help of cool water until it is squeaky clean. Finally, gently pat the skin dry by using a wipe or allow it to air dry.

Step 3: Protection is Key

The third step is mainly dedicated to protecting these precious things. Apply a lash protective coating by lightly tapping the brush on the base of your lashes, both underneath and on top of the line. This ensures your lashes stay shielded from daily dirt and debris for better retention.

Step 4: Grooming for Lash Perfection

Your aftercare routine cannot end without a grooming session. You can use a lash wand comb to gently go through your lashes right after you wake up, take a shower, or anytime your eyelashes need a little fluff and seem sticky. Do not worry if you see a few of your precious fall out after brushing – this is a natural part of your lash-shedding process.

Closing Note

It is quite crucial to maintain your eyelash extensions for them to last as long as a few months. It is a simple yet effective process. With the right aftercare routine, you can make sure that your lash extensions look great and remain healthy. Get in touch with magicians at Reserve Salon and Spa for more details on this. We are located in the following areas:

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