Lash Extensions in Tomball and Cypress, TX

Let’s spill the beans: your appearance has a major say in how you strut your stuff and feel about yourself. Now, if you’re on the hunt for lashes nearby, buckle up and get ready for a fab ride with Reserve Salon and Spa, lash extension in Tomball and Cypress, TX. We specialize in delivering a blissful and expert touch, armed with only the crème de la crème of products, to help you conquer your beauty dreams. Lash extensions not only boost your gorgeousness but also give you precious minutes back in your daily beauty routine. Time saved and stunning looks? It’s a win-win, situation!

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    Lash Extensions

    Why Opt for Lash Extensions?

    Who needs extra stress in their lives? Not you, babe! Lash extensions in Tomball and Cypress, TX, are the ultimate game-changer. They boost your confidence, make you look like a million bucks, and best of all, they free up your precious time. Say goodbye to that lash curler and endless hours wasted in front of the mirror battling with mascara or fumbling with false strip lashes. With lash extensions, you’ll be strutting your stuff effortlessly, leaving more room for the fabulous things in life.

    Choose Your Perfect Style!

    Let your trusted stylist be your guiding light in the quest for fabulous lashes. They’ll skillfully assist you in selecting a style that perfectly complements your unique eye and face shape, desired look, and even your lifestyle. Begin your lash extension journey in Tomball and Cypress, TX, by choosing from our fantastic lineup of distinct styles, and then let your creativity take the reins as you customize to achieve lash perfection.

    • Style: Gorgeous Lashes
      Behold the power of allure! This captivating style showcases longer eyelash extensions at the center of your eye, gracefully tapering in length towards the corners. The result? Eyes that dazzle and mesmerize with an undeniable radiance.

      Recommended for: almond-shaped, deep-set, mono-lid, down-turned, wide-set, or hooded eyes.

    • Style: Natural Lashes
      Embrace your inner beauty, enhanced! Our Natural Lashes style follows the contours of your eye, accentuating its unique shape with a gentle and gradual flair at the outer corner. The lashes are shorter towards the inner corner, effortlessly bringing out your eyes’ inherent charm.Recommended for: almond-shaped, protruding, mono-lid, or close-set eyes.
    • Style: Sexy Lashes
      Prepare to unleash your seductive prowess! With Sexy Lashes, the outer edges of your eyes take center stage, adorned with longer eyelash extensions that demand attention. Embody a sleek, feline allure and make every wink count.

      Recommended for: almond-shaped, protruding, mono-lid, or close-set eyes.

    • Style: Cute Lashes
      Bask in the adorability factor! Cute Lashes work their magic by adding length to the center of your lash line, creating the illusion of larger, more open eyes. Let your inner charm shine through with this delightful style.

      Recommended for: almond-shaped, deep-set, mono-lid, down-turned, wide-set, and hooded eyes.

    Questions About Lash Extensions?

    How Long Do Lash Extensions in Tomball and Cypress, TX, Last?

    Let’s talk lash math, shall we? On average, you’ve got a cool 80-150 natural lashes to work with. But here’s the kicker: we lose about 2 to 5 lashes every single day. That’s a whopping 21 lashes bidding farewell to your face each week! That’s where touchups or fills come into play, my friend.

    Now, don’t panic. Fills are typically scheduled every 2-3 weeks. We’ve got you covered with 30, 60, and 90-minute fill options to suit your lash extension in Tomball and Cypress, TX, needs. And trust us, the appointment prices? Totally worth it for those mesmerizing lashes that’ll make heads turn.

    Raving Reviews from Our Beauty Lovers

    Indulge in the Lushness of Lash Extensions with Us!

    Craving an enchanting gaze? Enter the captivating realm of Reserve Salon and Spa, where Tomball and Cypress lash extensions are done with a magical touch. Experience the epitome of luxury and charm as we bring to life your long-awaited desires. Contact us now to indulge in a mesmerizing appointment or effortlessly make an online reservation and be entranced.

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