Lip Blushing in Tomball and Cypress, TX

Our lip blushing in Tomball and Cypress, TX, enhances your lips, giving them a beautiful pigment and shape. Reserve Salon and Spa brings trusted services that will accentuate your features using safe and precise techniques.

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    Lip Blushing

    What is Lip Blushing

    Our lip blushing service involves a semi-permanent tattoo that gives your lips more definition and makes them appear more voluminous than before. There is a range of colors available, and we deposit the color ink to your lips as well as your lip line. Lip blushing will enhance your lip color while giving the impression of fuller lips without adding any volume.

    Questions About Lip Blushing?

    Lip Blushing Procedure

    When you visit us for lip blushing in Tomball and Cypress, our trained experts will start with a consultation. After that, we choose the correct pigment, determine the shape, numb your lips, and add pigment. Here is an insight into our lip blushing process:

    1. Consultation: First and foremost, we schedule a consultation with the interested individuals. During this session, we will discuss your desired look and style, medical history, and more. We will also examine your skin type and condition, deciding on the right time for the treatment. Our trained professionals will help you choose the pigment and treatment that is best suited to your needs.
    2. Determining Correct Pigment and Shape: You will live with the semi-permanent pigment for multiple years, so you should have one you feel confident in. You can choose from our variety of pigments and create the fuller lip effect you desire. Our professional experts will be with you every step of the way!
    3. Numbing the Lips: Generally, we apply a topical anesthetic for around 20 minutes in order to numb your lips. Our lip blushing in Cypress and Tomball is a safe and comfortable procedure!
    4. Adding Pigment to the Lips: We will begin the process of adding the blush to your lips. Our experts will create tiny dots and deposit ink into the top layer of your lip, slowly building up the color for beautiful results. You can control the color and appearance of your lips, and we can help define your cupid’s bow as well. You will have to revisit us for lip-blushing touch-up sessions later to keep the color vibrant and fresh!

    Reasons to Consider Lip Blushing

    Our lip blushing in Cypress and Tomball is beneficial in many ways. It can be time-consuming to choose and apply or reapply a lip shade throughout the day, but lip blushing will take that off your hands. Look presentable at all times and go about your day without having to worry about your lips. That is not all! You can opt for this procedure if you have scars, burns, makeup allergies, or another issue that lip blushing can help with.

    Raving Reviews from Our Beauty Lovers

    Kiss Lackluster Lips Goodbye!

    Reserve Salon and Spa provides services that will make your life easier and help you feel beautiful. Add to your natural beauty and accentuate your lips with our promising lip blushing in Cypress and Tomball, TX. Schedule an appointment today!

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