Permanent Jewelry in Cypress and Tomball, TX

Make a statement and display your bond with your loved ones. Our permanent jewelry in Cypress and Tomball, TX, is the marker of your eternal bond with friends, family, and significant others. Reserve Salon and Spa is here to help you lock in the bond!

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    Permanent Jewelry

    What is Permanent Jewelry

    A piece of jewelry is not just an accessory; it can be a personal expression of love and friendship. We provide permanent jewelry that is welded together, missing the clasp that jewelry pieces usually have to secure them. The lack of a clasp fortifies the idea behind permanent jewelry, adding permanence. You can get it as a seamless piece of jewelry you can wear every day, wherever you go. That is not all! You can also get your forever jewelry with your loved ones or by yourself to mark special days and bonds.

    Questions About Permanent Jewelry?

    Types of Permanent Jewelry Available

    When we talk about permanent jewelry, many people think of bracelets. But that is not where the options end — when you visit us for permanent jewelry in Cypress and Tomball, you may be able to choose from the following:

    1. Bracelets: Adorn your wrist with a dainty bracelet of your choice. Talk to us and explore the different styles, choosing a color and design that fits your preferences. Bracelets are the most common and sought-after permanent jewelry option. You can opt for a fine piece with meaningful charms!
    2. Anklets: If you want something like a bracelet yet different, permanent anklets might be right up your alley. They add a sparkle to your ankles, and you can choose from our collection.
    3. Rings: When you visit us for permanent jewelry in Cypress and Tomball, we will show you a wide range of chic rings from which you can choose. The circular pieces of jewelry we wear on our fingers have always been meaningful, from promise rings to engagement rings and more. Go a step further and add permanence to your rings with our dainty collection!
    4. Necklace: It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but necklaces are also an excellent option for permanent jewelry. It is a good, low-effort option – your neck will always be adorned with a delicate chain. We can help you decide which one to choose!

    An Insight into the Permanent Jewelry Process

    After you visit us for permanent jewelry at our Cypress and Tomball salon, you will be surprised at how quick the procedure is. We will measure the piece to your perfect measurements and weld it to secure it. That is it: you pick a piece, we measure it according to your fitting, and weld it.

    Raving Reviews from Our Beauty Lovers

    Add a Forever Sparkle!

    Reserve Salon and Spa brings you the opportunity to invest in memorable pieces of jewelry. Whether you want permanent jewelry with your loved ones or just for yourself, we have what you are looking for. Visit us for permanent jewelry in Cypress and Tomball, TX.

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