Types Of Lash Extension – Your Ultimate Guide

October 15, 2023

Do you dream of getting those luscious lashes every day without a daily mascara routine? Well, it’s time to wake up and turn it into reality! Eyelash extensions are here for the long run in the world of cosmetic enhancements. If you are wondering if more than one option is available for this? This blog is a perfect piece of reading for you.

5 Types of Lash Extensions You Can Choose From

Here are some common options:

1. Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions

Let’s start with the basics – the classic individual eyelash extensions, which have the reputation of being the most popular and natural-looking of all. In this technique, every lash of yours gets a synthetic extension.

The real magic lies in the ability to tailor the look – its curl, thickness, and length. These extensions are versatile and give a natural mascara-like look without makeup.

2. Hybrid Lashes

In case you are searching for something unique and easily customizable, hybrid lashes are your best bet. This joint venture is a combination of classic and Russian Volume lash techniques. In this, some of your natural lashes will get a synthetic partner, while others will use the fan technique.

3. Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

If you do not want to blend in but outshine others, turn up the intensity with the help of Russian Volume eyelash extensions. They are dark in a pretty obvious way that gives the illusion of eyeliner without the hassle of applying it!

4. Infill Lash Extensions

The good news is that although lash extensions are not permanent, they last a very long time. It is natural for your real eyelashes to shed and regrow at their own pace, making your lash line uneven. This is where infill lash extensions come to the rescue. These are put to fill the gaps in your classic, hybrid, or volume lashes.

5. Ellipse Eyelash Extensions

These lashes are defined by the shape of their base – oval, unlike classic ones that come with a round base. This unique design widens the lash without adding extra weight to your natural lash, resulting in thicker, darker, and fuller lashes.

How Long Do Classic Lash Extensions Last?

Classic lashes are perfect for everyday wear, a hassle-free option to daily mascara madness. So, it is necessary to maintain their fresh look and prevent them from growing out. For that, infills work wonders, and put them on every two to three weeks. The frequency of infills depends on your natural lash growth cycle.

Closing Note

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