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If you are struggling to lose weight, Reserve Salon and Spa can be of assistance. Shed off the extra pounds and embrace your beautiful body with the help of our specialists. Our weight loss services in Cypress and Tomball, TX can help you achieve your dream body!

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    Weight Loss

    Weight Loss Medications and Injections at Our Practice

    There are many solutions for weight loss, and we provide injections and medications to help you achieve your goals. We understand that weight loss treatments are not suitable for everyone, which is why we only provide the option to those who qualify. Generally, the individual is eligible if they have excess weight or body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more. Here are some weight loss options in Cypress and Tomball that might be available at our practice:

    1. Liraglutide: It is an injectable medicine that works to decrease your appetite. Liraglutide acts on hormones from your gut that are responsible for sending signals to the brain, and the patient feels full quicker as a result. It is similar to the drug used for type 2 diabetes.
    2. Orlistat: It is available via prescription as well as over the counter with reduced strength. Orlistat is an oral medication and it blocks the activity of certain enzymes that break down fats in the digestive tract. By doing so, the drug decreases the amount of calories you absorb.
    3. Phentermine: It requires a doctor’s prescription, consisting of a central nervous system stimulant and appetite suppressant that have mechanisms similar to amphetamine. Moreover, Phentermine prescription can be combined with topiramate, which decreases appetite and cravings. This drug requires a special type of prescription since it comes with the risk of addiction and abuse.
    4. Semaglutide: It mimics an intestinal hormone that stimulates insulin production. This, in turn, reduces appetite and makes the individual feel full. Your specialist might suggest weekly shots to manage obesity. Our weight loss service in Cypress and Tomball, TX, is catered according to your specific needs!
    5. Tirzepatide: Your specialist might suggest tirzepatide shots. The drug works by imitating two hormones: one that regulates insulin when blood sugar rises and a gut hormone. The molecules work together to dampen your appetite, which leads to you eating less and, eventually, weight loss over time.

    Questions About Weight Loss Services?

    Side Effects of Weight Loss Drugs

    It depends on your goals, condition, health, etc., which treatment we will suggest. You can discuss your body goals, and our specialist will proceed with the medicines that you qualify for. Some weight loss options show quick results, while others take time. When you visit us for weight loss services in Cypress and Tomball, our specialist will warn you of the side effects. Yes! Weight loss injections or drugs can have many side effects, including nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, stomach pain, passing gas, headache, heartburn, fatigue, tingling hands and feet, and more.

    You should discuss the side effects with your doctor and the serious risks that might be possible with the drugs before you hop on your weight loss journey.

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